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Sessions presentation on digital entrepreneurship

The Purpose of the digital entrepreneurship sessions created by GBHIA for the BeWell@Digital project is to help counsellors understand technology better and use it to achieve their purpose faster and more efficiently.

The first session is about Health data, information, knowledge & Big data; its purpose is to provide basic information about computer science to clarify the terms data, big data, information, and knowledge. After completing this session

Counsellors will also be able to distinguish health informatics from the rest of the information technology industry. This is very important because health informatics is now applied everywhere in the field of Health, Psychology, and Well-being.

The second session is about Web browsing. This Session aims to provide basic information about Web browsers software and search engines. After completing this session, counsellors can browse the internet and perform a search quickly and efficiently.

The third session is about Electronic Health & Mobile Health; it aims to provide information about Electronic and Mobile Health and its application. 

The fourth session is about Health Information Systems & Electronic Health Records. The fifth session is about Telehealth and Telemonitoring Information Systems. This Session aims to provide information about Telehealth, its examples, use, and services. Nowadays, Telehealth is used more and more often because it promotes health everywhere. By understanding Telehealth, counsellors will be able to give distance advice if it‘s needed using the tools described in this session.

The last session is about Virtual healthcare teams – Chatbots. Chatbots have been widely used in psychology in recent years, so counsellors should be able to recommend the best depending on the occasion. Virtual care can be used to provide counseling and psychological support, so counselors should know how it works and use it either indirectly or directly.