Project News

Digital entrepreneurship by GBHIA

Within the framework of the BeWell@Digital project, it was created by the Greek Biomedical Informatics and Health Informatics Association (GBHIA) educational material regarding digital entrepreneurship. 

Specifically, six teaching sessions were created with titles Health data, information, knowledge & Big data, Web browsing, Electronic Health – Mobile Health, Health Information Systems – Electronic Health Record (EHR), Telehealth and Telemonitoring Information Systems, and Virtual healthcare teams – Chatbots.

Each session contains about ten pages of text containing explicit content. Also, each session includes a presentation accompanying the text and an accompanying lecture video for better understanding. The last material created is a package of exercises consisting of thirty-seven multiple-choice questions, approximately six questions for each module.

The Purpose of the digital entrepreneurship sessions is to help counsellors understand technology better and use it to achieve their purpose better and faster.