Workshop – The importance of mental health in the digital age at University Mediterranean

On 19th December 2022, Institute of modern technologies Montenegro held the second workshop for unemployed youth people to discuss „The importance of mental health in the digital age“ and introduce with activities on BeWell@Digital project. The workshop was organised in the premises of University Mediterranean and attended by youth population, mainly students of Faculty of business and economy. 
Bojana Tosic, from IMTM, presented the BeWell@Digital project to participants and motivate youth people to include in project realisation as volunteers. 
At the workshop, attendees discussed the impact of the internet and social media on young people’s mental health. Topics included creating healthy digital spaces and empowering youth to become conscious digital citizens, as well as recognising potential risks such as cyberbullying, online addiction, and depression associated with high-stakes competition in gaming. In addition, participants discussed ways to engage in meaningful dialogue with young people and their online lives.