Workshop – The importance of mental health in the digital age at Univirsity Donja Gorica

On 4th November 2022, Institute of modern technologies Montenegro held a workshop to discuss „The importance of mental health in the digital age“. The workshop was organised in the premises of University Donja Gorica and attended by youth population, mainly students of Psychology. 

Workshop has been opened by BeWell@Digital project presentation. IMTM representative, Bojana Tosic, introduced audience with project objectives, current activities and planned results.

Participants discussed key topics such as best practices, challenges and opportunities related to maintaining mental health and wellbeing in digital age. The discussion highlighted the need for youths to be mindful to their mental health needs, whilst using emerging technologies, to ensure that potential risks are addressed. 

Overall, the workshop provided youth generation information about mental health challenges and highlighted how they can prioritizing welfare during technology-related changes.